A Good Investment

3/17/2017 in Category

The past few weeks Becca, one of our leaders, has been hosting a small group for a few girls God has been putting on her heart this year. They did a four week series going through The Purpose... More

Living in a Virtual World

3/8/2017 in Category

She asked permission to come, as a second-semester 8th grader, to our high school group called Deeper Life.  I was quick to say yes.  Anything to keep her close and moving forward with Campus... More

It’s Complicated

3/2/2017 in Category

Alex* has a complicated life to say the least.  His lackluster relationship with his parents is most likely attributed to their splintered marriage and consistent anger at home.  His bottomed... More

Big Life Change at Big Chill

2/16/2017 in Category

Just 2 short weeks ago, we sent 70 students and 24 staff to Camp Beechpoint in Allegan, Michigan for our annual "Big Chill" winter retreat. These retreats provide the ultimate venue to deepen... More

God Is On The Move

2/10/2017 in Category

This is a text a student sent me last night. She has been a part of Campus Life since Hanover CL started and she was not that interested in Jesus at all 2 years ago - she was a believer of... More