Can I come to Church?

11/8/2013 in Category Campus Life

Seeing kids go to Church for the first time is one of the most exciting things we get to experience at YFC. One Sunday I got a text from a student saying, "Hey, I really miss going to... More

Accepting Christ

11/1/2013 in Category Campus Life

"Jack" has chosen to embrace an alternative lifestyle in many ways.  But above all, he has chosen to accept his same sex attraction as a good thing. For a long time he has had an... More

Life was good!

10/25/2013 in Category

Life was good! I have a great home. My mom loves me. I’m active in school. And I certainly love to have fun. Eventually, I realized that there was something missing. As I sought to fill... More

Quick, Slow, Slow

10/18/2013 in Category JJM Blog

AJ* came in from work detail. He hurriedly joined his mentoring group which had already begun. As he sat down his fellow inmates brought him up to the speed on the discussion. We had... More

Second Family

10/11/2013 in Category Campus Life, Campus Life [M] Blog, City Life Blog, JJM Blog

Meet Tara.* Tara's mom has stage 5 breast cancer and her brother was just put in prison. The hurt and pain in her life is unbearable, yet she continues to seek out the love and care she... More