Joys of Ministry

7/25/2013 in Category Campus Life, Campus Life [M] Blog

One of the greatest joys of ministry with Youth for Christ is seeing young people love the Lord so much that they want to see others come to know Him too.  “Abby”, one of our student... More

Everyday Conversations

7/19/2013 in Category Campus Life

“Jimmy” is a young man who does not know Christ.  He has been coming to Campus Life events regularly, and spending time outside of Club with one of our ministry leaders.  Over... More

Pork & beans, crud wars, and other things I learned at camp!

7/12/2013 in Category Campus Life, Campus Life [M] Blog

I love camp! YFC’s national team puts together an amazing program that allows us as leaders to simply experience it with the students and walk them through it. However, my least favorite... More

Christ in us

7/2/2013 in Category Campus Life [M] Blog

It was always a surprise when “Lucie” would attend a Monday night Campus Life meeting.  If she did, it was always as a skeptical bystander—at best.  Rarely did she engage, much less open... More

Ready to go!

6/28/2013 in Category Project Serve, Rwanda 2013

Ready to Go! Rwanda 2013 with YFC Project Serve from southpointeyfc on Vimeo.

Today 9 students and 3 YFC staff members embark on a two-week trip to Rwanda that will change their... More