From Doubt to Decision

6/6/2013 in Category

Aaron was invited to get involved Campus Life late in the school year by his Christian friend who was trying to share the Gospel with him.  Aaron was more overcome by questions than... More

Does God Really Exist?

5/31/2013 in Category

"Alex" has chosen to take a non-committal stance towards God. He has embraced homosexuality and, because of tragedies like the Boston bombing, doubts the possibility of a good God. Despite... More

Sharing the Story

5/9/2013 in Category Campus Life

It has been so exciting to see Jeremy, a brand new Campus Life leader, dive right into ministry.  He has been such a great part of our team as we have started up a new club.  With a heart... More

Liz’s Story

5/7/2013 in Category


5/3/2013 in Category Campus Life

In the position I am in, I have the privilege of watching God work amazing stories of redemption in other people's lives. The cool thing about it is that God doesn't stop there. This week... More