Chain Reaction

4/20/2018 in Category

The week before leaving for Florida we had a student who had signed up not be able to go. I didn’t want to see that spot empty, so I started reaching out and texting students to try to fill... More

Spring Break 2018 Postlude

4/13/2018 in Category

(by Liz Koch, who brought 4 students from the high school she teaches at in Colorado Springs on the recent Spring Break Florida outreach)

The girls were overwhelmed meeting 200 new faces at... More

Beneath The Surface

4/6/2018 in Category

Hannah* has been a part of Campus Life since September of this school year.  She has always come off positive and happy.  She is a logical thinker and loves to research and learn.  She... More

Florida Spring Break Prelude

3/23/2018 in Category

Who in their right mind would:

  • Fly from Denver to Chicago with 4 high school students
  • Then get on a school bus filled with other high school students and leaders for a 16 hour trip to... More

Less Is More

2/28/2018 in Category Campus Life, JJM Blog

Hello, my name is Jacob Gomez. I am currently working with Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM) at the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center in Northwest Indiana. It has been very rewarding to... More