Like a Second Mom

5/19/2017 in Category Campus Life

Throughout these past two years our small group has been a major part of my life. My sophomore year was a little rough for my family, because my dad had just come back from rehab. During that... More

“Working Out” Your Faith

5/10/2017 in Category Campus Life

I recently graduated college, and in that time I was on the soccer team at Trinity International University.  Being on a soccer team caused me to grow in my passion for athletics, as well as... More

Identity Crisis

4/28/2017 in Category Campus Life

Another student who had a life-changing trip (to Florida) was Matt*.  Matt is a great kid who has been heavily involved in Campus life for a few years now.  In that time he has been on and... More

“Not Yet”

4/24/2017 in Category Campus Life

Sometimes a week on the beach provides just the right opportunities for leaders to answer questions and speakers to share the Good News resulting in a student starting a relationship with... More

A Five Year Journey

4/13/2017 in Category Campus Life

Five years ago, a close friend of mine invited me to be a Campus Life leader in our local ministry. I was helping in the high school, but was asked to be the female leader at the middle... More