Bikes and Bibles

10/27/2016 in Category

Slingshots teen center gave away 22 bikes this fall!

Many of us remember riding our bikes when we were kids. We would ride our bike to the park, a friend's house, school and all over town.... More

Driven by Worry

10/20/2016 in Category

This past summer a young lady by the name of Lexi* started attending Campus Life after receiving an invite from one of our regular students who was an acquaintance of hers.  Despite it being... More

A Beautiful Scar

10/13/2016 in Category

Kenna* is a unique student.  She is taller than average, she has the sense of humor of an old man, and she wears a beautiful scar across her chest.  When Kenna was 15 years old, she underwent... More

Boot Camp

10/7/2016 in Category

Two weeks ago I* took a trip to the Cook County boot camp to join Derek Polansky, YFC’s Director of Juvenile Justice Ministry.  Boot camp was in a collection of buildings about a mile square... More

With Hands Raised in Surrender

9/23/2016 in Category

One of our leaders was at church Sunday in tears watching a Campus Life student who 2 years ago would have said she didn’t want anything to do with God, that she was mad at Him, and that she... More