A Story Rewritten

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Eric* has most everything our culture pursues.  A wealthy family. Friends. Endless entertainment. Health. But he doesn't know Christ and identifies himself as an atheist. His life will likely continue down the path of material success that his parents have established, and even though our culture would hold that life up as an accomplishment we know that apart from Christ his story will not end well.

There are kids in crisis throughout our ministry - in Campus Life, City Life and Juvenile Justice Ministry.  Our mission is to see the story of students like Eric rewritten. We want to see these students enter in to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ and then help them become life long followers of Christ.

In celebration of this mission we will be hosting our annual series of Stories events between October 30 and November 18.  To find an event in your area, please visit our Events Page or click one of the links below:

Thursday, October 30 - LaPorte, Indiana 
Tuesday, November 4 - Oak Brook, Illinois
Thursday, November 6 - Schaumburg, Illinois
Thursday, November 13 - Valparaiso, Indiana
Tuesday, November 18 - Kankakee, Illinois


*Name changed.

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