Jeff’s Story

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I first met Jeff six months ago during a Bible study at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. Jeff had just turned sixteen but had already spent six months in the facility. At first he was distant and acted like we were lucky that he would even grace us with his presence. He stayed that way for the next six weeks.

But last week Jeff was the only one who came and talked to us. His demeanor was different. He was more serious and asked us why we believed that God created everything. “And don’t tell me ‘The Bible says so.’” We began to talk about the human anatomy and how there is no way it could have existed without a Creator. He asked why God would even want to forgive anyone of their sins. We explained to him that because God created us, He loves us and wants us to make Him our Lord by giving Him our old lives so we can start a new life with Him. Jeff was cautious. “If I confess all of my sin, I’ll be locked up for life.” We challenged Jeff to go to his cell and confess his sins directly to Jesus and told him that Jesus would hear him and be faithful and just to forgive him. As we left Jeff pod, he asked us to give him a Bible and come back the next week to talk more.

Last night, Jeff was at court, which means we have to wait until next week to follow up as he asked. In the mean time, please be in prayer for Jeff as he might be tried as an adult for a serious criminal offense. And please pray that he would accept the challenge to confess his sins, and be greeted by the open arms of his heavenly father. 

-Derek Polansky, JJM Director

*Name changed 

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