Beneath The Surface

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Hannah* has been a part of Campus Life since September of this school year.  She has always come off positive and happy.  She is a logical thinker and loves to research and learn.  She doesn’t believe in things based on emotions but rather bases her beliefs on logic.  She knows a lot about many different topics. 

We were so excited for her to come on spring break, but we were pretty doubtful that she would open up at all to the leaders or to God.  We saw this happy, strong girl, but knew there was something beneath the surface that she wasn’t sharing. 

During small groups in Florida we got to hear our kids’ stories.  Hannah really opened up.  She broke down.  We learned her parents were addicted to meth, and that she was removed from her family and brought across the country to Northwest Indiana where she’s been raised by her grandparents, aunt and uncle.  She lost her uncle and grandpa this past year and that has been so tough on her.  She doesn’t get along great with her grandma, but that’s who she is with.  

This may sound confusing but we were excited about her “no” response to the Gospel this week, not that we wouldn’t have loved for her to say yes, but she wasn’t ready.  God still moved so much in her heart.  The walls started to come down, and she is open to learning and asking questions about God! Praise Him with us for tearing down the thick walls around her heart and starting to draw her to Himself.


*name has been changed

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