Building Student Relationships

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Two amazing volunteers have blessed our Campus Life club this year.  Jenny and Karen are from a local Christian college and love pouring into our students.  Their dedication to our ministry has been on display all year and was extra noticeable recently.  Karen and Jenny came to an ice skating event one afternoon and stuck around town through the evening, joining our movie night.  Despite having schoolwork due the next day, both dedicated over 6 hours of a rare day off school to Campus Life!

The generous use of their time is great but what made it so impactful was how Jenny and Karen used their own personalities to build into students.  Jenny’s warm motherly side came out at the ice rink spending nearly the entire time teaching, encouraging and skating with students who were new to the sport.  Karen stood out as she was dancing, singing and enjoying popcorn all night with girls at our movie event.  It was a blessing to me as their director and even more to the students they love so much.

During Christmas break multiple students were asking when the two college age leaders would be back, highlighting just how incomplete our group feels without Jenny and Karen there.  In the past female leaders were a regular need highlighted on our prayer list.  God certainly answered those prayers through Jenny, Karen and several others.  It is amazing to see God use adult volunteers of all ages to spread His Love.   That love is changing hearts in our town thanks in part to these two wonderful young women.

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