Category: Campus Life

Building Student Relationships

2/7/2018 in Category Campus Life

Two amazing volunteers have blessed our Campus Life club this year.  Jenny and Karen are from a local Christian college and love pouring into our students.  Their dedication to our ministry... More

RE:BASH 2018

2/1/2018 in Category Campus Life

An important part of being a Campus Life Director is planning events for our students.  Sometimes this takes a lot of time, effort, help and finances, but we have seen God work to reach kids... More

Kicking Off A New Semester

1/19/2018 in Category Campus Life

Winter break is over and Campus Life is meeting again! There is a lot of excitement
in the air as we anticipate another amazing semester of ministry! Already this year I
have seen God do some... More

Meeting Students Where They Are

12/8/2017 in Category Campus Life

In Campus Life, the word contacting represents the practice of going out into the world and meeting students who otherwise might not have an opportunity to meet our leaders and staff.... More

God’s Love Through Volunteers

11/2/2017 in Category Campus Life

A young man who grew up in a house very resistant to organized religion found a second family in the woods. While Cory was growing up, all he heard from the people in his life were lies about... More