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Less Is More

2/28/2018 in Category Campus Life, JJM Blog

Hello, my name is Jacob Gomez. I am currently working with Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM) at the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center in Northwest Indiana. It has been very rewarding to... More

Jeff’s Story

10/20/2017 in Category JJM Blog

I first met Jeff six months ago during a Bible study at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. Jeff had just turned sixteen but had already spent six months in the facility. At first he... More

Fickle Friends

6/6/2017 in Category City Life Blog, JJM Blog

James  is a sophomore at Schurz High School in Chicago. He comes to Slingshots (City Life Center) to play guitar in the music room. James has also heard about the love of Jesus during our... More

Bridging the Gap

1/13/2017 in Category Campus Life, City Life Blog, JJM Blog

YFCamp is a great time to build relationships between leaders and students where we can bridge the gap between our students and God by sharing in meaningful conversation and creating memories... More


11/25/2014 in Category Rick's Blog, Campus Life, Campus Life [M] Blog, City Life Blog, JJM Blog

This is a season of thankfulness and every day we are grateful that God is faithful to us. It’s for His glory that we are striving and it is by His hand that we have success.  As we... More