Chain Reaction

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The week before leaving for Florida we had a student who had signed up not be able to go. I didn’t want to see that spot empty, so I started reaching out and texting students to try to fill it! Monica*, who wasn’t even attending the trip, said her friend Bethany* would like to go.  I had never met Bethany before, she had never been to Campus Life or any other events.  That night though, Bethany and her mom came in to Campus Life club so we could meet and get all the forms figured out for her to attend the trip. 

Bethany did come on spring break with us.  She had a great time, connected right away with students in our cabin and from other groups.  She opened up in small group about her story and leaders were able to get to know her and share Christ’s love with her all week.  On the bus ride home she was one of many students who surrendered and accepted Christ into her life.  

Since coming home she has attended youth group at a local church and invited new friends to Campus Life, who we are now getting to know!  I love the chain reaction! 


* names have been changed

** by Sara Burgett, Campus Life Director

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