Clearly Lost, Now Found

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My first time meeting Eddie* was talking with him on his friend’s cell phone.  He had threatened to commit suicide and she hadn’t been able to contact him for a few hours at the point I found out about it.  Immediately we called the police and desperately tried to get in touch with him. 

When we finally did reach him he was apologetic for worrying everyone but the police still made a visit to his home.  I asked him if he’d give Campus Life a try and he said yes!  That was about 3 months ago and since then he has been present at most of the things we have done.  He is a little wild, very immature, has boundary issues and a sharp tongue and doesn’t seem to understand why people get frustrated with him quickly.  He’s what we’d call a “clearly lost” kid with a ton of baggage. 

Since he’s been with us he has expressed a serious interest in the faith-related aspects of our teaching and lives, but hasn’t come too close until this past Tuesday night.  At Campus Life Eddie heard the Gospel for the 3rd or 4th time and has indicated that he is now trusting Jesus to save him from his sin and help him through this hard life. 

Everyone in his home smokes weed except him and he has asked me and at least 2 of our other staff people “Can I come live with you?”.  He's so persistent about asking that I’ve come to realize it’s not a joke.  Eddie will take his initial steps of faith alone in his home with a few supportive people helping to shepherd him along the way. 

Please pray for him and for us as we share the Lord’s grace and truth with him and guide him.  Praise God for his well-placed faith!

Please also pray for many other students across greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana who are on similar journeys, taking their first steps of faith with little or no family support.


* name has been changed

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