Does God Really Exist?

Posted on by Youth for Christ

"Alex" has chosen to take a non-committal stance towards God. He has embraced homosexuality and, because of tragedies like the Boston bombing, doubts the possibility of a good God. Despite these hurdles to acknowledging Christ as His Savior "Alex" continues coming to Campus Life because of the authentic relationships he has developed with others.

Last week as students had the opportunity to express their doubts regarding God “Alex” spoke up in our small group discussion. He said that he has questioned the believability of Christianity on many fronts, but being around the Christian students and adult leaders has made him think twice about letting his doubts hold him back. I have encouraged him to continue leaning towards God instead of pushing Him away, and I am excited how God will continue to work in his heart.

It is for students like this that my heart aches for them to respond to Jesus as He deserves!

In service to Him,
Mark Larson


Please pray with us as we continue to reach out to students like “Alex” throughout Chicago, the suburbs, Kankakee & Iroquois Counties and Northwest Indiana.  Here are four specific ways that you can pray for all of our staff and leaders: 

• For favor as student and adult leaders share their own testimonies.
• For clarity and anointing as leaders speak at large and small group meetings.
• That God would grant our students a heart of repentance for their sin and faith to trust in Christ for salvation.
• For leaders will as they follow up with students – answering questions and explaining what it means to live for Christ. We need God's favor as we continue sharing with students in the coming weeks.

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