Every Student, One At A Time

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One day last semester God put a challenge on my heart.  As I  looked around the Campus Life Club where I am the  director, I was hit with the realization that  there were  many of the same types of students attending club. There was very little diversity in the types of students I was reaching.  God placed it on my heart to somehow reach out to a different demographic of student.  I contacted the local YMCA to partner with our Campus Life to  host a Battle of the Bands concert.  Once the vision was cast, the YMCA was hooked and ready to run with it.  We reached out to all of the high school musicians in town, and lined up  five high school bands to compete in our Battle of the Bands.  Out of the 25 students involved in this event, I only knew four! I was able to interact with and support 21 new students through our Battle of the Bands.  People from all over our community came out to support these local high school students!

I love about what God did through this event.  I was able to meet a whole new demographic of students and it allowed me to intentionally put Christian adults in communication with these students to coach their bands.  This event brought our community together, and it allowed our students to be seen, heard, and supported.

As I look around our Campus Life now, I see athletes, musicians, academic scholars, and students representing many different demographics.

I am so thankful for the new faces at our Campus Life clubs, but I know there are still many students we are not reaching, but God is opening my eyes on how to best reach them: every student, one at a time.


Emily Barnes, Valparaiso Campus Life Director

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