Florida Spring Break Prelude

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Who in their right mind would:

  • Fly from Denver to Chicago with 4 high school students
  • Then get on a school bus filled with other high school students and leaders for a 16 hour trip to Florida for the YFC spring break outreach trip
  • Then do it all again at the end of the week? Liz Koch, that's who. 

Liz was involved in a local Campus Life club while she was in high school. She says: 

"Campus Life was a huge part of my high school life, and the spring break trip ended up becoming super foundational in my Christian walk. I am so excited to live life alongside these 4 girls in Florida asking them questions, loving on them, hearing them out, and just being there for them."

It is amazing to see how God changes lives on trips like this. We give thanks for your prayers and financial generosity that make these trips possible!

Please pray for our staff and students this next week and stay tuned for more stories of lives that are impacted by the message of the Gospel. 

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