God is on the move

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The beginning of a new school year always brings butterflies to my stomach. It's that feeling you get as you are "on deck" to bat at a baseball game or just about to put your life in the hands of a terrifying roller coaster.

This year is no different. I would even say that the anxieties this year are quite a bit more elevated as we branch out to launch and re-launch ministry all over our area. 

In the midst of this I am reminded of the words of Paul to the Philippians to be "anxious about nothing." These words, by the way, were written by Paul while he was in chains. In light of this command of Scripture many have decided to surrender it all to God and dive in head first this year, ready to see what He will do. Here is what has happened so far...

Last week, a meeting was called together at a local High School. Picture this: a district superintendent, 4 principals, a curriculum director, 6 pastors, and a campus life director in one room. We met with the district to see what we could do to make a positive impact on the student body. The superintendent laid out the needs and asked us what we had in mind. Those of you who are aware of current school policies in our nation know how rare it is for a meeting like this to take place.
Here are a few things that were highlighted:

  • The need for positive role models & mentors in the lives of the students
  • The need to break down barriers between different ethnic groups in the student body
  • The problem of poverty (approximately 60% in this particular student body)

I am incredibly excited about the chance we have to come alongside such a diverse group and work toward solutions to the problems our youth are facing. God is clearly on the move. As students start school this week, please pray for them. Pray for our ministry teams and volunteers as they seek to be faithful to God in these new open doors He's given us.  You can play a vital role in the lives of students…keep praying!

Ben Meils
Campus Life Director

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