God’s Love Through Volunteers

Posted on by Youth for Christ

A young man who grew up in a house very resistant to organized religion found a second family in the woods. While Cory was growing up, all he heard from the people in his life were lies about God, but a few weeks ago on the Youth for Christ camping trip, Cory experienced God’s love through Christ-following volunteer leaders and staff. This was Cory’s very first experience with Campus Life, but he opened up, received love, and felt valued in a way that he had never experienced during his teenage years. The trip allowed Cory to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the very first time. He had a million questions, but thankfully he also had leaders who were glad to sit down and discuss anything that he still found to be confusing. Of all the things that he questioned, Cory was enthralled with the idea that God could possibly want a personal relationship with him!

There are thousands of students just like Cory all across our chapter. Trips like these allow students and leaders to deepen their relationships with each other so that we can show them how beautiful it is to have a relationship with their Creator.

- Jeremy Melf, Campus Life Director

*Student name changed

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