Identity Crisis

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Another student who had a life-changing trip (to Florida) was Matt*.  Matt is a great kid who has been heavily involved in Campus life for a few years now.  In that time he has been on and off in his walk with the Lord.  Before the trip Matt had been in a bit of a rough patch were he needed surgery, and had been having issues with girls. 

The surgery that he had took place three weeks before the trip, and he did not think he was going to be able to go.  Fortunately his doctor cleared him two days before we left and he was so excited that he could still go with us.  

The issues that he was having with his surgery and girls had left Matt in a bit of an identity crisis because sports were taken away from him, and he just ended a relationship with a girl he really liked.  This identity search was met by Jesus while in Florida and Matt decided to fill this identity void with Jesus after he asked many questions, and searched out what he truly believed. 

After we got home from the trip Matt asked to come to church with me the next day, and he also asked to start reading the Bible together.  He has continued to come to church and youth group over the past few weeks, and we've had more conversations about going "all in" with his faith and how he can do that. He is so close - God is definitely moving in his heart! 

Thank you for praying for Matt, those he represents, and the leaders investing in hundreds of kids each week.

*name has been changed

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