Kicking Off A New Semester

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Winter break is over and Campus Life is meeting again! There is a lot of excitement
in the air as we anticipate another amazing semester of ministry! Already this year I
have seen God do some amazing things. He has provided the funds to help several
students go on our Spring Break trip, given me a lot of opportunities to hear
students stories and talk with them about salvation.

“Allie” has been coming to Campus Life for the past year. We had a bond from the
beginning and I continue to mentor her through our biweekly pancake dates. At our
Stories event this past November, Allie was doing great! She came to me and asked
me how she could be saved. Excitedly, I prayed with her and reminded her that life
with Jesus is the best life she could live! After that she would text me every time she
felt like God was doing something exciting in her life. I loved sharing these moments
with her!

Shortly after that, things got tough for Allie. She lost two of her grandparents and
she wasn’t so sure about this “God thing” anymore. I prayed and prayed for her, that
she would feel the presence of God again in her life. Soon after that, she told me that
she knew God didn’t give us an easy life, and she wanted to continue to walk with
Him. She also told me that she had been comforted in that time by Psalm 23.

Allie expressed to me that she had felt alone during this time, even though she was
surrounded by loved ones. But then she remembered God, and it was like a switch
flipped for her. Life can be really difficult sometimes, and God might seem far away.
But, amid all the struggle, just like Psalm 23 tells us, “even though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for YOU ARE WITH ME.” God is
always with us, and that is a fact we can be comforted by.

-McKenzie Evans - Campus Life Director

*Name has been changed

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