Like a Second Mom

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Throughout these past two years our small group has been a major part of my life. My sophomore year was a little rough for my family, because my dad had just come back from rehab. During that time I fell into a bit of depression, and I would lock myself up in my room and not talk to anyone. Campus Life has greatly affected my social skills in more ways than one: now I am able to leave my house without the fear of being judged everywhere I go. 

The joy of being able to go to small group, Campus Life, and CORE (student leadership) has made me realize what it's like to have true relationships. Not only with my classmates or friends, but with God himself. I've appreciated everything you do for us. You are like a second mom to me, and I feel as though I could go to you about anything. The trust you provide me with is one I wish I could advocate to anyone. 

Through my own health challenges, and my dad's recent diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer's, you have been there. Without you welcoming me to Campus Life, and bringing me to church with you, I don't know where I would be right now and I wouldn't be as strong as I am. So for that I want to thank you.

- Taylor (name has been changed)

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