Meeting Students Where They Are

Posted on by Youth for Christ

In Campus Life, the word contacting represents the practice of going out into the world and meeting students who otherwise might not have an opportunity to meet our leaders and staff. Contacting is a huge part of our ministry model and a great way to initiate new Christ-sharing relationships with students. Sometimes we go contacting at school sporting events, choir concerts, Taco Bell, and even at some of our student’s work places. 

Becca, one of our ministry leaders, is a physical therapist’s assistant.  One day while Becca was at work, a student named Jessica came into Becca’s clinic to visit her grandmother during her therapy session. Becca introduced herself to Jessica and continued to say hi to her and get to know her when she visited her grandma.  Becca invited Jessica to Campus Life club, and she agreed to come check it out. 

She was very shy and uncomfortable at first, but a few weeks ago after our Halloween party Jessica texted Becca thanking her for inviting her to Campus Life.  She told her she was nervous at first, but now feels comfortable to be herself and loves the positive influence Campus Life has already been in her life in just a few short weeks!  We are thankful for contacting opportunities like this one that lead us into relationships with students who need Jesus! 

Please pray that Jessica and other students like her will know the love and truth of Jesus and for Him to soften their hearts to respond to His Gospel. Thank you for your prayers and support!

- Sara Burgett - Campus Life Director

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