Overwhelmed By Gods Love

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"YFC Camp is an incredible week of ministry and our week at Clear Water Cove in Missouri had it all.  There was an amazing pool, a turf field, boats, funny skits, silly games, a rocking band, delicious food, incredible cabins and so much more.  But none of this is why the week was incredible.  

YFC Camp is designed to be a place apart, where the pressures of the world are stripped away and the voice of God can be heard much more clearly as the Gospel is laid out for the campers.   That is exactly what happened for Thomas this summer.

Thomas, a long time Campus Life student, said he knows God is real but had never given his life to Him.  Before camp Thomas said he had never really felt God in a way that he could respond with a “Yes”, but on a silent hill in Missouri sitting in the dark looking over the Ozarks, Thomas’ heart shouted out.  The speaker had just shared a compelling Gospel message before challenging 200 students to go out in silence and be alone with God.  It was here that Thomas was overwhelmed by God’s love and the Holy Spirit poured over him, compelling Thomas to say, “YOU’RE HERE, I FEEL YOU!  YES, YES, YES!” as he gave his life over to God.  

Thomas’ story of God moving mightily is just one of dozens in our chapter alone and one of thousands across the country as YFC Camp is a catalyst moment for so many students in their journey with God."

-Rob Scott (Downers Grove CL Director)
*Student name has been changed

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