Praying At Camp

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Camp is a time in our ministry year that stands out. As a leader it gives you the opportunity to focus on building a solid Christ sharing relationship with students.  Each year that I’ve been a camp counselor great moments have happened, but this year I experienced something totally unique.

I shared a cabin with 7 girls from 3 different schools. The first night, as we were getting ready for bed, the girls started to do a bedtime prayer time. They initiated this themselves. As they were getting ready to begin their prayer time they asked me, “How do we pray?” This was an awesome moment in our cabin and set up a lot of conversations throughout the week about what it looks like to pray.  Each night after this, I had three girls who would always ask to sit on the back porch and talk about life while I braided their hair. This was a precious time to share our lives with each other and I was able to share with them what life was like for me when I was their age. One student shared that she felt as if God might think she was using Him, since she only prayed when her life got hard.  This opened up a great opportunity to explore how to pray and talk with God, and how He is present in our every day lives! 

Please join me in praying for the continued relationships and conversations with students that were on this trip, as well as the high school students who are currently experiencing the joys and memories that YFC Camp brings to their lives.

-Liz O. Campus Life Director

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