RE:BASH 2018

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An important part of being a Campus Life Director is planning events for our students.  Sometimes this takes a lot of time, effort, help and finances, but we have seen God work to reach kids in really great ways during these events.  We recently had an event called “RE:BASH”, where we celebrated the New Year together, four days after New Year’s eve.  We went all out with decorations, food, fun attire, a sparkling grape juice toast, and a balloon drop!  Over 100 students and 20 leaders came together for RE:BASH.

We’re glad that the students and leaders had fun, but the main purpose for our events is to allow students and leaders to grow in their relationships and to introduce new students to Campus Life and the Christian adults who want to share the Gospel with them. 

One particular student, Greg*, had come to Campus Life a few times.  He enjoyed himself at club and was starting to form relationships, but when he came to RE:BASH he got much more involved.  At the end of the night, the leaders and some students stayed around to help with clean up.  Greg stayed to help and stuck around afterwards, spending more time with the leaders.  Because the leaders had intentional time with Greg, he has now expressed an interest in joining us on our Spring Break trip, which will offer more time to share the Gospel and build stronger relationships! 

Events are a lot of work and a lot of fun – but the relationships built during these times make it all worth it!

-Emily Barnes - Campus Life Director

* name has been changed

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