Uncontrollable Anger

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When I* first met Mark**, I noticed that he had scars on his knuckles. I soon learned that he was almost not allowed to attend our spring break outreach because he’d recently punched a hole in his bedroom wall. Apparently, there were lots of incidents like this at home. It came to light during story time at spring break that Mark had experienced some trauma in his life a little over a year ago. Since then he’d been dealing with uncontrollable anger issues.

He’d been seeing a counselor and I think maybe taking some medication, but none of it seemed to help. On top of the anger issues, he said he’d felt emotionally numb. According to Mark, it had been over a year since he’d been able to cry.

After sharing my testimony, which included experiencing a similar numbness after enduring my own trauma, I offered to pray for Mark, encouraging him that Jesus was able to do something that we couldn’t. Shortly after beginning to pray, he began to burst into tears. Afterward he thanked me and everyone around and immediately got excited to walk with Jesus, which wasn’t something he was previously interested in at all.

Mark isn’t numb anymore and today he isn’t afraid to cry. In fact, every tear reminds him that Jesus loves him, is near and able to do what we can’t.


* one of our amazing volunteer ministry leaders whose name shall not be revealed for this story

** name has been changed

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