Unforgettable Summer Fun

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Summer is often thought of as a time for life to slow down.  A season for days to be passed by in hammocks and nights filled with bonfires and friends.  But for us in Campus Life, we have chosen to forfeit lazy summer days for non-stop, unforgettable excitement, all to build relationships with every young person possible.

As students are released from consuming schedules of schoolwork, sports, and commitments, our opportunities for growing relationships multiply tenfold.  From weekly outreach events to coffee talks and pool parties, we pack our schedule with shared memories for the sake of sharing Jesus with as many kids possible.  To answer a question you may already be asking: yes, we absolutely can share about God through bouts of laser tag, slip and slides, and backyard campouts.

However, for every high-energy, laughter filled experience we have with kids, there are just as many difficult ones throughout the summer.  As relationships build, students’ stories naturally come out.  Often, our team finds those stories to be filled with hurt, anxiety, worries and fears.  We are more confident than ever that a life absent a relationship with Christ is heartbreaking and in need of a hope infusion only found in Jesus.

Enter the Gospel, the good news that each of us has hope in Jesus who took on death so we could have abundant life.

Time and time again the Gospel has changed everything in the life of a student this summer. Jesus instilled much peace in a student who had struggled with anger his entire life.  Jesus encouraged the broken heart of a girl who had been in a very unhealthy relationship.  Jesus gave courage to a freshman boy who barely escaped several years of torment and bullying in middle school.  Jesus relieved the doubts of a girl who fought her entire life against the possibility that God could be real.  Jesus led dozens of campers to a life-changing decision atop a lake in Missouri.  And Jesus was undeniably present as three students chose to be baptized in front of friends, family, and fellow Campus Life students.

This is what our mission pursues.  These stories are why we do what we do.  Crazy may be the first word we’d use to describe our summers but we’d take that over a hammock any day.

-Tony Au - Cary Campus Life Director 

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