“Working Out” Your Faith

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I recently graduated college, and in that time I was on the soccer team at Trinity International University.  Being on a soccer team caused me to grow in my passion for athletics, as well as physical fitness in general.  This all being said, I have had the amazing opportunity to use this passion during my time as a Campus Life Director. 

I stepped into the role of Campus Life Director for Stevenson High School, which is located in Lincolnshire, Illinois.  The students that I get to work with in this role vary in backgrounds and interest, and they are all great in their own special way.  There is a specific group of a few high school guys who love sports and working out, and I was able to draw a strong connection to them rather quickly.

At the moment I live in a house with 5 of my close college friends that is conveniently located 2 blocks from Stevenson High School.  After wrestling season ended a few of my students started coming over after school to use the squat rack and pull-up bar that are located in my garage.  This work out set up does not match the top notch facility that is located two blocks down the road at Stevenson, but my Campus Life boys still choose to come over. 

Now on a weekly basis, 3-5 guys come to my house after school to work out for a few hours.  We go through a workout regimen that I come up with, or my guys choose, and I just attempt to keep up with these extraordinary high school athletes.  It has been an amazing time to connect through our mutual love for fitness, and push each other on a physical and emotional level. 

The relationships and conversations that have come out of these times have exceeded my expectations on many levels.  What started as a time to work out together resulted in an open space where guys feel open to share their life stories with each other.  It is amazing how God can use a mutual passion between people for His Kingdom, even when it is something as little as working out in a garage. 

Noah Smith

Stevenson Campus Life Director

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