Freedom Indeed!

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We had an amazing week together at camp Michindoh*!  God gave us great weather and a week with very few incidents or accidents!  Praise God!  One of my favorite ‘God-sightings’ was noticing the theme of “freedom” that was woven into band lyrics, speaker talks, and camp devotions…not to mention that kids were given an opportunity to respond to Jesus on the evening of July 4th!  Freedom indeed! 

July 4th will always serve as an important marker or reminder for 55 middle school kids that said “yes” to Jesus for the very first time!  God broke through their darkness and the light of Christ shown through!  While we celebrated with fireworks, dance parties, and late night waterslides, the heavenly realm threw an even BIGGER party as lost kids returned home.  In addition, there were 181 kids who responded by saying “yes again” to Jesus!  Listen to what a few of them said:
Campers Said:

“This week God taught me that life is messy and sin is everywhere, but you can always ask for forgiveness.” –Emmaline
“This week God taught me to appreciate his love. He died for us to live. We have to ask for forgiveness and spread his love.” -Haylee
“This week God taught me that He died on the cross to save us.” –Nevaeh

Leaders Said:

“I am a financial supporter of YFC and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve with my time as well. This experience only strengthened my support for the organization in a way that kids would otherwise never know Christ and I cannot wait to find a YFC chapter in my local community.” –Nate
“I took away a lot this week, but especially the ideas that we cannot run away from brokenness and that we are only free when we no longer have to prove we are free.” –Danni

Thank you for your faithful prayers!  Don’t stop now – high school camp begins in just 9 days! 
Celebrating our Freedom,
Molly Ramseyer, on behalf of the YFC Camp Team


* Our YFC Chicago chapter was represented by 29 middle school students and leaders

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